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    Can xanax get in your system by touching it ?

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    Xanax also known as Alprazolam can come in a variety of forms, a tablet, disintegrating tablet and solution. The tablet itself most likely will not absorb through the skin. However, disintegrating tablets CAN, thats why you should've been directed by your physician or pharmacist to not handle those tablets with wet (sweaty) hands. The solution again is highly unlikely like the tablet. But the disintegrating tablets have a high chance of doing so.

    If you just touched them briefly you're more than fine unless you have an allergy to that medication. I would just recommend you don't just hold on to them with bare hands.

    -Pharmacy Technician
    *I'm not a doctor or pharmacist, do not take my word as medical advice, seek a doctor or pharmacist for precise information*
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