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2 different kinds of pills found in daughters room
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    Default 2 different kinds of pills found in daughters room

    I was cleaning my daughters room and found 2 different pills and i hope maybe someone can help me figure out what these are , and maybe what they are used for . The 1st one is a blue/green color and has the numbers 53 | 12 on one side and the other side has a V . The 2nd pill is Yellow and has the letters "aKJ" on it. The other side is Blank . I cant swear that it is an "AKJ" , cause the "A" could be an upside-down "E" , The way it is stamped , it could be either one i think. I know the other letters are "K J" as they are in CAPITOL letters and are plain to read. Any help at all would be greatly appreciated.

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    V 5312 is 600 mg extended-release guaifenesin, an expectorant that helps treat coughs caused by colds or allergies.

    More info:

    Yellow oval pill imprinted Abbott logo (geometric lowercase A) KJ is 500 mg Biaxin® XL (extended-release clarithromycin). Biaxin is an antibiotic.

    More info:

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