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blue/white capsule with upside down pyramid over 40
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    Default blue/white capsule with upside down pyramid over 40

    I can't find what these pills are anywhere. I found them in my sons jacket. They are half blue and half white capsules. On the white side of the capsule their is a weird symbol..its like a light blue upside down pyramid or triangle with three sections and then under the symbol is a light blue number 40. Please help if you know anything??

    symbol is something like this but it is solid light blue lines


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    This looks like your pill, it's Zegerid 40/1100mg OMEPRAZOLE/SODIUM BICARBONATE (ZegeridĀ®) prevents release of acid in the stomach. It reduces symptoms of gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD), stomach ulcers, or other health conditions. It also prevents injury to the esophagus or stomach.


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