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Bright Orange Pills (With Hexagon)
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    Default Bright Orange Pills (With Hexagon)

    I recently received some pills from, but they came without any instructions, or any indication of what they are. They do not have any markings or numbers on them whatsoever; they just arrived in a jiffy bag and nothing else.


    I have searched several pill identification sites and drawn a complete blank. They are bright orange pills, on one side a six-sided hexagon and nothing on the reverse. The postmark says they came from India, but trawling through Indian drug sites reveals nothing.



    Does anyone recognize what I have received? If so, would they please let me know and tell me if they're any good?

    PS - They are supposed to be generic Lexipro. But I started to get concerned when I emailed them asking to confirm what they'd sent and their first reply said the pills were an ADHD medicine called concerta, then when I said that's not what I ordered they said they were ritalin, and finally they said they are lexipro. I replied that my confidence was slightly dented, and they said "try a couple of the pills, you be pleased".

    I'm currently wondering what I've got myself into.

    Any comments please..........

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    I also recently ordered a batch of pills from the same supplier and the same country. I was very suprised when they turned up in a clear bag with no identification on them. I ordered them as phentermine for weightloss. I have been on them for 3 days now and i have felt no change at all. I hope this helps! I think we've been shafted!

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