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Brown oblong pill w/ WX
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    Default Brown oblong pill w/ WX

    Does anyone know what this is? Not in FDA approved database.

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    Default AZO Standard, Maximum Strength

    This is a urinary pain reliever called "AZO Standard, Maximum Strength".

    The active ingredient is phenazopyridine hydrochloride 97.5mg, which is a dye that is supposed to numb the urethra, providing relief from urinary tract infections and other pain caused by urethral injuries (like the pain after being catheterized, or the pain after passing a kidney stone).

    It turns your urine bright orange or even dark brown depending on the dosage and your particular metabolism.

    It's also sold by the makers of Monistat as "Uristat," and as a prescription drug called Pyridium (or Pyridium Plus when combined with a barbiturate).

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