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can any body identify this pill i have found in my son's bedroom
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    Question can any body identify this pill i have found in my son's bedroom

    Can anybody help with the identification of the pill i found in my son's bedroom please.
    Its simply a round light blue pill
    With a simple "QUESTION MARK" printed on oneside .
    I am concerned about what my son could be getting himself into.
    So any help would be kindly accepted
    Thanks rogerhart44

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    Not to unnecessarily worry you, but if I saw that in my professional capacity my first thought would be that it is an MDMA-like (Ecstacy) tablet. (I say like because clandestine tablets like this often have other ingredients, such as methamphetamine, benzylpiperazine, cocaine, caffeine in addition to and in the absence of MDMA).
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    Default Answer to your question

    Sorry to be the one to confirm what you probably did not want to hear but, yes, it is in deed, without a doubt an Ectasy pill. I work in healthcare and these pills come in many forms however there are NO pills out there with a question mark on it EXCEPT for the Ectasy pill. I know someoen personally who use to do this stuff and I have seen them as well, they are bad news and EXTREMELY dangerous because each one is made differently and you never know what they are being mixed with. You definately want to have a talk with your son, and like most, he will probably deny it being that, so here's a link you can show him, verifying what I've said is true, when he tries to lie his way out of it,
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