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Canadian Morphine 200mg, 60mg, 30mg, 100mg, Red, Orange, Pink, Grey Eslon Capsule
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    Cool Canadian Morphine 200mg, 60mg, 30mg, 100mg, Red, Orange, Pink, Grey Eslon Capsule

    These are what I think are Canadian Morphine Time Release:

    200mg (empty to see print) Red Eslon-200
    60mg (empty to see print) Orange Eslon-60
    30mg (empty to see print) Pink Eslon-30
    100mg (full to see contents) Grey Eslon-100

    There seems to be difficulty in identifying Canadian Pills on here, so I thought I would load some images to help out. These Pills are not packed completely full, so it is normal for them to have extra space in them. The beads inside are an off-white colour and are not really perfectly round.
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    I've never seen the 200 on the left, but I can say without a doubt that the others look exactly like the ones I've taken many, many of, and are undoubtedly time release morphine, like the ones I get here in Canada.

    Also, as you say, not full - the 30 is almost half full, the 100 has a bit of empty space, the 10's, which are opaque white and the same size as the 30's, are mostly empty.

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    Is there anyone who could post a picture of a m-eslon 60 mg capsule, showing how full of beads it is when it comes from the pharmacy? I usually get the greys (100's), which are almost full. I got a few 60's the other day from an aquaintance, and I was surprised to find they were almost half empty. I would like to know if she is ripping me off, or if they just come that way. Thanks guys.


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