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Change in size of pill for .5mg lorazepam?
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    Default Change in size of pill for .5mg lorazepam?

    I just picked up lorazepam .5mg for an mri tomorrow. i am claustrophobic, so I asked the dr to give me something to relax. i have taken ativan in the past, but it didn't look like the pill i got from the pharmacy. When i checked the pill identifier, it did show it as a white pill with an R on one side and 57 on the back, but it had a line and the 57 was above it. There was no way to gauge the size though. This pill is so tiny, and it has just 57 on it. I'm afraid to take it until I speak with the pharmacist, but they don't open until 9am and my mri is at 8. has anyone seen generic ativan (lorazepam) this small? perhaps they changed distributors? thank you.

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    I've seen it both ways, R 57 and R score 57, but not without the R. It probably is what its suppose to be, if its any consolation, I'm not finding any other round/white/57 pills.
    You shouldn't have to worry.

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