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Circular pill M on the front, number 4 on the back
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    Default Circular pill M on the front, number 4 on the back

    It's supposed to be a strong morphine pill, but I really have no clue. It's round, and white, and has just M on the front of the white pill, and on the back just the number 4. There are no other markings, and as I said the pill is round, and white. Thanks a lot everyone!

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    valiumang Guest


    If anybody knows, or has had these before please comment, because I have no clue what size, or exactly what type of chemical is in them. Morph Sulf, Maybe even HCl... who knows. Help is much apprechiated.

    Thanks everyone [8D]

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    This pill sounds like Hydromorphone 4 mg by Mallinckrodt
    Generic for: Dilaudid®
    Description: White/Round Tab
    Identification Code: Debossed with M one side; 4 on the reverse side
    You will find an image at
    Info at

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    I was gonna say that and thought, I better not...didn't want to give the wrong advice, JUST IN CASE! (dangggggggg, I'm goooooo )

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    Thanks a lot! It most certainly is Dilaudid

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