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clear capsule filled with tan powder, unmarked
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    Default clear capsule filled with tan powder, unmarked

    A clear capsule filled with tan/brown powder turned up in the laundry, was wondering if anyone knew what it could be?

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    Could be anything, probably trash! Any approved caps or pills in the US MUST have identifiable markings of some kind to distinguish what it is. That is the law. I would throw it down the garbage disposal.
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    Default Could be >>>>>>

    It's impossible to ID as it is. Clear capsules is one of the ways >>>>>> powder is traficked on the "to the user" level. Be particularly concerned if the capsule is only <50% full with powder - professionally produced vitamin supplements exist as you describe, but should be filled to the brim. Street >>>>>> usually isn't.

    I agree with the orignal reply - garbage disposal.

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