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Desperate, Please help me to identify pills found!
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    Default Desperate, Please help me to identify pills found!

    I found some small round tablets that are white with a blue tint, they have a squared G (shaped like a stop sign), under the G are the numbers 3727. They have a line through the center of them.

    We have my sister staying with us and she has had episodes of drug use. I found them in her room. I know she does not currently take prescription medicines.

    This has me worried for several reasons. Of course I am concerned about what they are and what they will do to her, but I also have two teenage boys here as well as pets, what would happen to them if they ingested the pills!

    PLEASE, if anyone out there could help me identify these pills I would greatly apreciate it!!!!!

    Thank You!


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    here we are

    Trade or Brand Name Glyburide
    Generic Name Glyburide Tab 5 MG
    NDC 54569383100
    Imprint 1 G 3727
    Color blue
    Shape round

    Drug information available at

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