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Dilaudid G and L above 10
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    Default Dilaudid G and L above 10

    I found in my Sons bedroom a pill bottle that said Dilaudid generic for hydromorphone 4 mg tabs and it was a bottle of 100. My kid is only 15 and this worries me because the bottle was empty but next to it was a baggie with about 20 pills that had a big G like the kind i see on my xanax bars and and L above 10 on the back its small round and white. I just recently found a bottle of 100 80 mg oxycontins that he stole from his grandfather 30 of them were gone and he swore up and down he didn't take any he was just saleing them because he said kids were buying them for $30 for 1 pill and smoking them snorting them and some even turning them into eye drops and dropping them in there eyes. I couldn't believe he wouldn't take any because he said everyone are doing them i told him he mine as well stick a needle in his arm because thats how addicting oxycontins are and that they are just synthetic herion(i went to rehab over them i was taking 7 80mg oxycontins at once and when i had the 160mg's which i dont see anymore i would take 4. I have been clean and sober for 2 years now) So i had my son drug tested and to my horror it was worse then i could of expected they found over 6 diffrent optaties and 3 diffrent benzodapines. They said he had been taking xanax bars and valiums he had klonapin also in his system,I only have the xanax bars as prescribe and i dont abuse them they helped me from going back to optaties.(which i kept hidden, but now i have them under lock and key) They said they also found traces of Loracets,Perceacets,Ms Contin(morphine sulfate),high levels of oxycontins,Vicdion and Dolaphine. I couldn't believe the test results and i instantly had him placed into a opiate Detox program for 72 hours and then into a in-pateint program. They found out that some how he got a hold of some 200mg morphine pills in the detox program when he had to do a pee test for the inpatient program and sent him right back to the detox under very close supervision with no Vistors allowed but me. They said they also did a scar search the 2nd time and found he had a morphine patch on. (he was in on 50-1-50 because he threathened to kill himself if he couldn't get any oxycontins) I fear for my sons life and the future of our kids. He told me not 1 of his friends not even 1 of them did not take these pills. This saddens me because my son is well known and i really wish he would see theres more to life then the next high. I found out when we were talking on a visit that he had been taking pills for 1 1/2yrs and there wasn't a day that had gone by since that he hadn't tooken some kina pill. I am glad for the gift we have of pain killers and anti-anxiety pills and they do more good then bad but its just sad to see someone so young get hooked

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    big G like the kind i see on my xanax bars and and L above 10 on the back its small round and white.
    This pill is LORATADINE 10 MG
    a generic version of Claritin
    Imprint G / L 10
    Info at

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