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do all pills have an imprint or number on them?
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    Default do all pills have an imprint or number on them?

    My child found a small round yellowish/tanish circular tablet on the floor of his bedroom and we don't know what it is or where it came from? My in laws stayed in the room a few months ago and they take some medications, but I have vacuumed the room several times since then and never saw it.
    It has no imprint or number or markings on it, so I am hoping it is something else. It is not candy, has no flavor and didn't dissolve in water.
    Any feedback is appreciated.

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    No, all pills don't have an imprint, but all OTC and Rx drugs by law are required to have a unique imprint for identification purpose. Vitamins, herbal supps, some diet supps, etc. do not have imprints.

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