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Fat white round oc/80
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    Default Fat white round oc/80

    Have run into a customer with a fat white pill, oc on one side, 80 on the other.

    Looks like 80mg Oxycontin, same size/shape, but pure white in color, no sign of any of the green coating that you would find on that normally.

    I was thinking that maybe it was an oxy IR due to its texture, but I wasn't aware of oxy IR being any larger dose than 20mg

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    There is an Oxy IR in a 30mg version, but definately NOT an 80mg.

    Everyonce in awhile on the other boards, we get a photo of a pill like this. If it is the same size, shape, etc just white, then it is possible the coating could have been removed from an 80mg OxyContin.

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