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found light blue round pill w/ E 64 on 1 side
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    Default found light blue round pill w/ E 64 on 1 side

    I found some pills that are medium in size, are light blue on 1 side it looks like the letter E 64, on the other side it looks like a line to cut in half? I have young children in the house that i am worried may get there hands on these. i have looked around for more but not have seen any. I have also looked on the internet for a picture to identify it but cannot it. can someone please help?


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    This pill is CLONAZEPAM 1 MG
    Generic for: Klonopin ®
    Imprint Code E 64
    Description light blue, round tablet

    Info at
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    Default e 64

    what is this pill for?

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    see how the word klonopin is in blue?? its a on it and it will explain what the pill is....i think its for anxiety...

    anytime a word is blue you can click it for future reference.

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