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Found oval blue pill AAA 1031
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    Default Found oval blue pill AAA 1031

    I found a pill yesterday in my car. It is a blue pill shapped like a tylenol, but it has AAA on top of the pill and right under the AAA are the number 1031. I cannot find what this is, does anyone know?

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    Default Hi jewbagels

    I also found a few of these pills and have no clue what they are. I have searched all over the net with no results. I've called the pharmacy and they weren't even able to help me, they told me to call the Poison Control, I did that and they connected me to a hospital. I got frustrated and hung up. If anyone out there knows what these are, please let us know.


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    Default Tylenol PM

    We also found a blue pill marked as AAA 1031 and couldn't find any information. We didn't know it at the time, that our daughter dropped a number of Tylenol PM pills and they match...

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