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Found several pills?
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    Post Found several pills?

    I found several pills in a pill container labeled with a prescription for percocet 5mg,
    There were 3 medium-large round, white pills with 512 on one side and a score on the other, and they match the prescription so these must be the percocet,
    a white, oblong pill with M357 on one side, and a score on the other,
    and a very small green pill with an imprint that is very worn and difficult to read, however I can make out a 477 along the bottom.
    Also, the prescription was for about a year ago, and the person who's room I've found these in has said that opioid analgesics make her unbearably nauseous, and that she's known this for over ten years. The prescription is for 30 percocet, so I'm confused as to what happened to the other 27 pills if they weren't taken, where the other two pills are from, and why oxycodone was even prescribed to her due to her allergy to opioids. I would just ask her if I had a reasonable explanation as to how I found the pills. If anyone could identify the other two pills, or offer insight into why they are even there, that would be greatly appreciated.

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    The green pill may be diazepam (valium) and the other is hydrocodone/acetaminophen (vicodin)

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