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    Default GENERIC ALPRAZOLAM BRAND NAME CONFUSING & may be bogus pills?

    Hi, I recently got my alprazolam Rx filled at a Shoprite (never again btw!). It was $21.00 instead of $40.00 for 90, 1mg tabs. . Anyway its round, blue, scored has 031 on 1 side and an "R" design on the other. On the label it says "Pfiz" which I assume stands for Phizer but the imprint 031 is from Purpac! Any clues to why this is? PS.... These pills have absolutely no effect on me! I feel NOTHING even if I take 2. . No anxiety relief, they dont even make me the slightest bit sleepy at night! And Ive been on and off them for ages. Not much of a tolorance either. My Dr. wont even take the original pills back from me and write me a new Rx so I can get a brand that works. I thought that would be a fair deal, no? Im so worried that Im going to have severe anxiety attacks and possibly witdrawl symptoms. I WILL DEF. HOLD SOMEONE LIABLE IF THESE ARE BOGUS! I have been using my old xanax everyday, 3x day for years. No cold turkey 4 me!! These new ones dont even taste bitter like my real xanax. Just tasted like bland cardboard!! Anyone that has any ideas I would really appreciate it. Im thinking of calling the FDA but I doubt that will solve my immediate dilemma. Has anyone else been throught this too??? Thank you all.

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    why dont you first take them back to where you filled them & have them check to be sure a mistake wasn't made. Then explain your situation to the head pharm & see what they tell you. I never took the 1 mg I was on the 2 mg white bars & my God what a nightmare getting off them cold turkey - I was taking 4mgs @ bedtime & 2mgs thru the day when needed - I was rx'ed A LOT of those nasty pills & they did get the best of me & put me in the ER after 10 days cold turkey & was taking a pretty high dose for years RX'ed by my doctor.. So just be careful with them please - I've gone cold turkey from every other medication out there including the 160's Oxycontin several times RX'ed a day but those tiny bars beat me up pretty bad
    So get it figured out & fast/. I wish you luck

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    Pfizer holds patent for brand name Xanax, Purepac makes a generic alpazolam so no conspiracy here....the label could just be confusing but it has to say what the generic is for.

    I am not surprised your Dr wont take the generics back but for him to not help with a new Rx doesnt make sense if he has been the prescribing Doc and understands your predicament....he is most likely just assuming you know nothing and that the formula/active ingredient is the same. I am surprised you feel no relief as i opted for another brand when i was Rx'd that seemed to work fine...just to save the $$...however they were not Purepac brand but were 1 mg.

    No reason to make this a big deal imo, best bet is to phone the pharmacist at shoprite, ask if brand name is available at that or any other location you can get to and go from there. maybe they have a solution for you but tbh it seems like your only option. Best of luck!

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    yea they are real

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