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Generic Fioricet
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    Default Generic Fioricet

    I ordered fioricet off the internet and the pill I received are round white tablets imprinted with what looks like the letter "A" in italics or some sort of cursive then underneath that the numbers "111". The bottle says the Mfg: is Able. I searched the internet but couldn't find anything on them. Can anyone tell me if I really have generic fioricet here of if these are something else.
    Thanks for your help

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    i'm not absolutely sure so dont quote me but i do believe i have been prescribed that type of fioricet before.

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    I recently ordered generic fioricet (butalbital/apap/caff) off the net and got the EXACT pills you described. I have been on a search to find out what these are now for over 2 weeks.!!! The closest I came was going to and entering the imprint code *111 and it says there is a round white pill with 111 on it manufactured by D.M. Graham and that is is "butalbital/acetimetophin(asprin)/caff"

    my bottle also said mfgr "Able" which I am assuming relates to the "A" on the pill but rxlist says D.M. Graham, which is a bit confusing..

    I cannot find a thing about this pill! Even ppl on another site similiar to this could not find anything..

    Did you take any? I took 2 (decided to take a chance) I didn't die or anything but I'm pretty sure they have the asprin in them instead of the tylenol because my stomach got upset.

    I really would like to know what they are. If you or anyone finds anything out I hope it is posted here, as I will post again if I find anything new out. =)

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