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green/white capsule 506 60 mg
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    Default green/white capsule 506 60 mg

    Can you tell me what this small green & white capsule with the number 506 and 60 mg may be?

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    This pill is AVINZA 60 MG
    a once-daily formulation of morphine sulfate
    Morphine is a narcotic analgesic used for the relief of moderate to severe pain.
    Imprint Code e logo / 60mg 506
    Description capsule with bluish-green cap and white, opaque body imprinted 60 mg and 506.

    You will find an image at
    Info at

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    Default Break the Time Release!

    These really won't do much for you unless you break the time release. This can be dangerous so watch your dosage. I can take a full 60mg and feel just fine Twist the capsule open and pour the little white beads out in something you can crush them up in. Make sure its deep enough so that when you go to crush them they don't fly out everywhere. Crush them up the best you can into powder.

    This breaks the time release so that you get all the medicine at once instead of controlled releases. Another warning is the taste. It is about the most bitter, nastiest taste I've ever come across, so do what you can to keep it from hitting your tongue. Some people take a BC powder envelope thing and pour it down the back of their throat so it minimizes the nastiness.

    Not a bad idea... but again... crushing the beads inside the capsule up breaks the time release and can be dangerous. Know your tolerance and limit or deal with the over dose. I'll not take responsibility for people that are dumb enough to take too much at once.

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