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Help me identify pill, Can you verify new info?
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    Default Help me identify pill, Can you verify new info?

    I have a capsule that is beige and yellow. Reading on it, from left to right it has the numbers...0554, then on the right side it has...M at the top and right underneath that it has...5 mg. I have looked this up and cannot find it anywhere. I think that it is a pain killer. Can anyone help me identify this pill, please? Thank you, my email is've never used a forum before. I hope I did this right!!!!

    I've been told that someone "thinks" that this maybe a codeine without apap pill. Can anyone verify that?

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    I hope I did this right!!!! Sure did

    The pill you have is a pain killer, but it is Oxycodone, not Codeine.

    This pill is Oxycodone Hydrochloride 5 mg
    Description: Opaque Brown/ Opaque Lt. Brown capsule
    Identification Code: Printed with "0554"/"M" in a box over "5mg" in black ink

    You will find an image at

    Info at

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