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HELP!! Oval White tablet - One Side NT 16
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    Default HELP!! Oval White tablet - One Side NT 16

    I have been to every pill finder/indentifier site that I can find. I can't find this pill. I'm almost certain it's a generic narcotic analgesic. My 17 year old thought he had hidden them ... not! Old pops here found a pile of at least 30 tablets. I took one and examined it and I am stumped folks. Maybe someone out there can help me. I don't want to take it to our pharmacist. (Known him too long.)

    Description of tablet:
    White Oval-Scored on both sides-One side is blank and the othe side is marked NT (score) 16 - Looks like NT|16. I would appreciate anyones help. Thanks so much.

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    The pill you have found is Neurontin 600 mg which you will be relieved to know is not a narcotic analgesic. Neurontin is most commonly used for seizures and neuralgia, though also has many other "off label" (unapproved) uses.

    The tablets changed appearance recently, and the description in the prescribing information at is as follows

    Neurontin 600 mg tablets;
    White elliptical film-coated scored tablets debossed with “NT” and “16” on one side

    Info at

    Hope this helps

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