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i found a white pill with green and black lines
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    Default i found a white pill with green and black lines

    I found a pill in my purse the morning after getting really drunk. i dont feel as if i drank enough to get to the drunk stage i was at ( i puked and cried and got all floppy) i was wondering if this pill had anything to do with my getting really drunk. It is a white gel cap with one black line and one green line. it has green writing on it that says GG550 and black writing that says GG 550. if anyone could help me figure out the identification of this pill it would be very helpful.

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    The pill you have described is FLUOXETINE 20 MG (generic Prozac) by Sandoz.
    Imprint Code GG 550 / GG 550
    You will find info on this drug at

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