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id this pill
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    Default id this pill

    aight it aint a tablet its one of those pills that are kind of oval like an aderall time release(geletan 2 piece pill) its black on the left side and blue on the rights side. and on the black side it says mp-1 and on the right side (blue side) its a fraction 224 over 3850 if u can please tell me what this pill is

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    Hey there I have a couple of these pills also, left over from a roadtrip. They are NVE pharmaceuticals "Wild Stallion Black Beauty" Energy (Diet) Pills. They were discontinued, i think it had to do with them being mostly ephedrine. Anyways the same company (NVE) also is the maker of Stacker 2 / 3 pills, which took the place of the wild stallions and original stackers as they are ephedrine free pills. I guess there is some kind of ban on ephedrine energy pills these days..?


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