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ID Watson 337 white oval
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    Default ID Watson 337 white oval

    Need help in identification of a oblong white pill with Watson 337 imprint? Please help.
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    Default Could It Be "387", rather than "337"?

    I came here looking for the same pill I.D. as you--WATSON 337--and finally figured out that I might have read the the number wrong. I checked again, and, sure enough, it says "387." Sometimes the markings are difficult to make out.

    So, if the pill looks like this: , then it could be this:

    I found that when my first try at identifying a pill on the Pill Identifier returns no answers, trying again and entering less information can turn up some results that include what I'm looking for. In this case, I input "WATSON" and chose "white" color.

    I hope that helps.

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    Exclamation will this help

    they are vicodin ES 7.5 The biggest they make. but lrge oval pills that say wattson with any # are vicodin at a rule of thumb. they work well for pain, but they have like 500 or 750 mg of acetaminophen in them and 1 gram of acetaminophen in the body at 1 time will most likely cause liver failure, and should never be taken by someone with a liver disease or problem. alst they are quite habit forming.

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    if Im not mistaken I believe that it is a vikodin

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