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Imprint 78 31- green, orange speckled.
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    Default Imprint 78 31- green, orange speckled.

    There are also some green, orange, yellow, beige speckled pills I found. Any help would be appreciated...the imprint on them is 78 31. They are round and hard..and have a way you can split them into 4 on the back

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    Round multi-colored and double (+) scored tablet imprinted 78 31 is BELLERGAL-S and contains Bellafoline 0.2 mg, Phenobarbital 40 mg, Ergotamine Tartrate 0.6 mg.

    Excerpt from Eckerd:

    Bellergal-S [and other brand names] is a combination of several different drugs. This drug combination helps prevent migraine or cluster headaches when it is taken on a regular basis. However, this drug will not treat an acute migraine headache. This drug product is also commonly used to treat hot flashes, sweating, dizzy spells, and restlessness associated with menopause.

    You can find an image of this pill at

    I'm not a pharmacist or a medical doctor. This message is not medical advice nor is it an offer to provide medical advice. All drug identifications should be validated by a licensed MD or pharmacist.

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