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    I know this is strange email but I need some info. I have 2 dogs. the first has just come off of Cephalexin for a ear infection and a second that according to my vet needs to receive it. The first animal was taking 500mg in an green capsule shaped pill labeled a43 500mg. I have several Cephalexin left over myself from a upper respitory infection labeled 93 3147 witch is also 500mg.Is there a difference in the 2 pills.


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    Hi Dj ,Thats a tough call,you have to be so careful,when giving animals ,people meds ,Call a vet in the morn.and they will tell you ,or better yet go to your web search and see what comes up.just put in something like this ,giving my dog my antibiotics ,is it safe.something like that ,just be short and to the point and something should come up,Good luck,Tamm

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