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Large white pill.
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    Exclamation Large white pill.

    I went over my fathers house and I found some big white squishy pills laying on his desk, I am not 100% sure they are pills but I am worried about him, They are Big, White, No marking, and squishy like a balloon, they do have a line running through it but not like most pills it goes around it long ways like a seem. Please someone help me Identify this so I won't have to worry anymore I am afraid to ask him because he will start accusing me of calling him a druggy or something, I'm sorry that's all the information I can give you, If you have any questions please ask I will do the best I can to get more information about it thanks for reading and helping me and maybe my father out. God bless you all. - Drew -

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    Default pill identifier

    No markings at all? Soft, like jelly soft? Were they out on the counter or see them in a pill bottle or see him take them. Most pain killers are white and hard with a line through them, like hydrocodone and many are from different drug manufacturers, but a soft white pill does not seem to be a painkiller. Try to get more info if u come across one again. Sorry I could not help more.

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    It is probably a vitamin or over the counter medicine since all presciption medicines have identifying marks.

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