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light blue pill A over 115
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    Default light blue pill A over 115

    I am trying to see if any-one know's what this pill may be

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    So far all I can find is a green tablet imprinted A 115 on one side and an X score on the reverse side.

    If your pill could be green instead of blue and has the X score, the pill is Bellamine S containing:

    Belladona Alkaloids... 0.2 mg
    Ergotamine Tartrate... 0.6 mg
    Phenobarbital... 40 mg

    More info from Eckerd:

    BELLADONNA ALKALOIDS; ERGOTAMINE; PHENOBARBITAL (Bellamine S®, Bellaphen S®, Bellaspas™, Bellergal®S, Bel-Phen-Ergot S®, Spastrin™ and others) is a combination of several different drugs. This drug combination helps prevent migraine or cluster headaches when it is taken on a regular basis. However, this drug will not treat an acute migraine headache. This drug product is also commonly used to treat hot flashes, sweating, dizzy spells, and restlessness associated with menopause. While this drug may be used for other conditions, other uses are rare. Generic belladonna alkaloids; ergotamine; phenobarbital tablets are available.

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