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Little Purple Pill
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    Default Little Purple Pill

    What is this little purple pill? It is pretty small, round and has ABG on one side and 30 on the other. Someone told me it was morphine, if so I would have a few more questions. I also need to know if this is the right forum in which too discuss my questions about this pill. (such as how strong it might be in comparison to a Vicoden 10/650 and how long it takes for it too actually get rid of pain, as of course, all opiates are different. Thanks. Mara13

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    ABG 30 is 30mg Morphine CR made by Watson.
    Hydrocodone (Vicodin) is about half as strong mg/mg as morphine, so taking the ABG 30 is like taking 5 hydro 10's (but not all at once), morphine CR lasts 8-12 hours. Analgesia should start taking effect in 60 minutes.

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