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M523 Please ID
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    Default M523 Please ID

    Can someone identify this pill:

    White, Oval, M523 one side, 10/325 on other. Manufacturer claimed to have to have changed the 10/325 yellow oval percocet to this pill. These are precribed, but I am making sure it is the same thing I have been taking before I take this. When I picked it up for pharmacy, thought it was same thing which is why I did not look in bag. Can someone please help me ASAP?

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    Been looking everywhere for this one is down so i don't know if they could have helped or not.

    What you have is a 10mg Oxycodone/325mg Acetaminophen. Could not find pictures, but here's a .pdf:


    Look toward the bottom right side of the file and there are descriptions of the pill.

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