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Medicine Appearence Quesion
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    I fractured two vertebrae a while back and am now in a wheelchair. I have taken the generic form of Lortab 7.5 (Hydrocodone) as needed when my back is really bothering me. I usually go through about 20 every six months.

    My question is this: I had my prescription refilled today, and when I looked at the pills they looked different from the ones I have taken in the past. The usual ones I take are white with green specks on them. I think they have a number on it like 9435 or something close to that and a v on one side.. The medicine I received today is solid white with no green specks and the number M358. They are supposed to be 7.5, but they look nothing like the previous 7.5 pills I have been taking. Can anyone tell me if this is the same medicine?
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    There are lots of companies producing generic pills. They can be different colors easily. I wouldn't worry about it if they work. You could call the pharmacy to ask, but they usually buy meds from the company that gives them the best price at the time. Hope that helps. God bless.
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