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    Hello all! I must say that I am happy as a clam, (if they are in fact happy) to have discovered this forum. I am in need of some help concerning a peach colored oval shaped tablet with E700 on one side. The other side is 7.5/325. Anyone who has any information to offer is most welcome. Also I was wondering about ordering from online pharmacies. I have tried two thus far, Frontier Pharmacies, and Health suite (medicsuite) The latter takes a ridiculously long time to arrive, while Frontier has such terrible quality that I find myself taking three to four times my regular dose. I take my alprozolam sublingualy so I am quite familiar with it's very unique taste. These pills have no such taste, or a faint hint of it anyway. I know most of it is made up of some kind of filler, but as far as to the actual potency I know there is no way, when dealing with overseas companies to determine this. If anyone has dealt with a reliable company please let me know. Thanks again!

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    The pill you describe is Endocet
    Oxycodone 7.5mg, apap 325mg
    a schedule II controlled substance

    as for the online pharm stuff Check out they have an entire forum devoted to descussing and rating online pharmacies.

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