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morphine and oxycontin/urine test
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    Default morphine and oxycontin/urine test

    Does morphine and oxycontin show up as the same drug in urine test?

    Also if i am taking 6 - 80's of oxycontin 480mg time released a day and hadn't taken it for a while, and went in for a urine test one mornng and had taken an 80 crushed and ate it would it give a pretty close reading on how much should be in my system where it is instant release?

    Many thanks to all

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    Default How come?

    Why do you crush the pill before you take it? Does it work better?

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    No, they show up differently, oxy is unique, but the presence of morphine could indicate either codeine, morphine, or >>>>>>, since all three break down into morphine. They can't differentiate controlled release from instant release oxycodone, but you're correct crushed 80mg oxy CR is equivalent to 80mg IR. If you took it an hour before the test it should show up, and if your urine sample is sent off to a lab for quantitative analysis it will show how many µg are in your system.

    Faithycoins, crushing OC does make it stronger, you would get all 80mgs instantly instead of the drug lasting 8-12 hours.

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    They will both show up as opiates.
    Wont make any difference how much is in your system. Depending on WHO's taking the test, they only want to know WHATS in your system.

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