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Need help with pill I'd, only have half to work with
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    Default Need help with pill I'd, only have half to work with

    Pill appears to have been broken in two, I have the smaller half in my hands.

    The pill is white, and judging on how it was broken, the missing half that my sneaky drug-seeking son got away with the other half. Hope to the man above that this is a simple OTC pill and not some RX that he more than likely stole from someone. I want to identify it before I go about calling the cops.

    The very "left edge" as I am calling it due to the letters and numbers starting there are:

    N I is visible on one side, while what appears to be a "2" the letter "Z," or the number 5 is all that is visible. It's a white pill with a copper or gold colored inside. From what is left of the pill, I would say it was oblong, and possibly scored for halving it (although it was very crudely halved) which I can confidently say just by looking at it.

    I'm not out to get him in trouble, I just don't want him being arrested because of possessing a controlled substance if that's what it ends up being. I'm trying to protect him, as he has been thru rehab a minimum of two times possibly three (one of them being court ordered because the little duckweed took the rap for drugs in his friends car just to keep this drug dealing friend on the street selling.

    What he did definitely takes the stupid cake, but with the trouble he runs with and gets involved with these guys, it was better at this point for him to take the rap and serve 60 days in the joint, than being killed out god knows where by his so called friends.

    Thanks again for any and all who provide some sort of insight into this mystery pill.

    Steven T.

    Also, if there is an easy, simple way to upload photos of this pill, please explain. Would love for anyone that sees this to get a good look.

    *Thanks to any and all who may read this and have some great insight into this pill, or what to do with my son that just turned 18.

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    Take a picture of what you have on your phone. Search Google for "image hosting" use a simple image hosting site like imgurl or postimage. Just follow the on screen instructions, upload, and paste the link to your picture.

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    BTW, look up images for Lorazepam. I know the smaller 1mg pills are oblong, white, and have both an "I" and "N" marking. Hope this helps! Good luck!

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