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Need help quick
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    Default Need help quick

    I have been taking xanax prescribed for quite awhile. I am at a work trainig so can't se doctor till I return to my state. A co-worker gave me a pill it is greenish blue in color, oblong and scored once on one side. No imprint. He swears it is a 2 mg xanax and he found them on net before and does not know if friend gets them from a foreign source. Anyone ever see anything like this. Can't attach pic sory. Will try to create a link to it. In a rush because I am about to take it. Thanks ahead for help

    I know all US pills must be imprinted.

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    Unfortunately, without an imprint it's literally impossible to identify what it is without taking it to a lab. I've never heard of a blue, oblong Xanax, and I don't recommend you take it, especially if it's from a foreign source where what goes in to the pill (possibly harmful chemicals) isn't monitored.
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