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Need Info Migraine med West-ward 785.
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    Default Need Info Migraine med West-ward 785.

    I am trying to find out more information about a specific migraine medication.
    The perscription was filled in a doctor office and whoever wrote out the name had bad handwritting so i cannot read exactally what it is.

    It looks like Matnol, Matnol, Matrol

    Can anyone help me?

    The pills themselves are white and round (which turned up over 200 pages of pills on the pill identifier) and the imprint on the pill seems like the name of the lab who made them its West-ward 785.

    Now i am assuming that this is a drug company that makes a generic form of whatever brand name of medicine this is from.

    I want to know the name of this med, and if there is a brand name and/or generic name i would like that too so i can research more.

    Thank you.

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    Imprint Code: WESTWARD / 785
    Drug/Strength/Manufacturer: Aspirin 325mg / Butalbital 50mg / Caffeine 40mg - Quality Care / Schein
    Description: West-Ward - Tablet
    Generic Fiorinal
    Fiorinal is a combo med used to treat headache pain. The asprin is obvious hor headaches. The butalbital is a sedative (in the barbituate class) which acts to relax the muscles in the neck and head (and everywhere else). The Caffine is their mostly to combat the sedating qualities of the butalbital, but it may also help the action of the med in some other way. There are a number of other combos similar to fiorinal, including Fioricet (which swaps the asprin for Tylenol) and some that add a fourth ingredient (ususally Codeine).

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