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Oval Blue and White tablet w/no marking - no stamp
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    Default Oval Blue and White tablet w/no marking - no stamp

    I am trying to identify a tablet pill that is oval is shape. Half of the tablet is light blue and the other half is white. The colors are divided along the length so that when laying on a table, the top is blue and the bottom is white. It has no lettering, scoring, or stamp. The pill is about 2cm long and about 7mm thick. I have tried to identify this pill through the pill library at with no success. Thanks.

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    My math skills are lousy, but the pill might be Eclipse Winterfrost sugar-free mint.

    A free sample came with our newspaper this morning.

    The pill is just as you describe - half white and half pale blue oval with no markings.

    The mint is 1/2" long, 3/8" wide at the widest part and about 3/16" thick. If I'm doing this right, that's about 12.7 mm long, 9.5 mm wide and 4.7 mm thick.

    Tastes good too!

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