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Pill found in brothers room *POSSIBLE ECSTASY*
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    Default Pill found in brothers room *POSSIBLE ECSTASY*

    Hey guys, I was in my younger brothers room, and found a pill which I will describe below. I asked him about it and when confronted he said it was a friend's pill of ecstasy. I have used ecstasy once before when I was much younger (quit recreationally using drugs about 4 years ago), and it doesn't look much like it.

    SHAPE: circle

    COLOR: white

    (front): 2XX9 with a cursive letter "V" under it (XX = scratched off)
    It may also read 2XX0, but I'm 75% sure it said 2XX9

    Taste(I know this is unsafe, but I was foolish and scraped a tiny bit under my fingernail and tasted it): very bitter, similar to xanax

    Here's a picture I decided to make for you guys to help ID this pill. (it looks like this, just round.)
    ( 2XX9 ) (Possibly 2XX0, but most likely not)
    ( __V___)

    Thanks for your help, and please, help me identify this. I want to know what this is so I can ensure my younger brother's safety.
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    My best guess is 350 mg Carisoprodol (Generic name: Soma). The markings on this tablet are 2410 V. The cursive V you are speaking of is a pharmaceutical company's logo - and is on a bunch of tablets.

    I wouldn't think that the tablet your brother has is ecstasy - but he shouldn't be taking carisoprodol without a prescription either.

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