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Pill ID? maybe adderall
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    Default Pill ID? maybe adderall

    hey guys, i'm trying to figure what this pill is. Round blue pill with 20 and the letter "F" written on it. I searched the database but couldn't find any info. Any help would be appreciated


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    I found the imprint of F 20 on a round, blue pill in one database only. And the database says scored.

    Other people have asked the same question on this or another board (can't remember - I just keep a list of "unsolved mysteries"), and someone stated that the pill is scored so you can break it in quarters.

    This might be a long shot, and I am just copying and pasting:

    Dextroamphetamine Saccharate 5 mg,

    Amphetamine Aspartate 5 mg, Dextroamphetamine

    Sulfate 5 mg, Amphetamine Sulfate 5

    The manufacturer (per the database) is Abrika. Never heard of the company before, but they do have FDA approval to make various mixed salts (5,5,5,5 included), which I think is generic Adderall.

    The company has a website, but not much is on the site. For your own safety, visit the site and either telephone the company or send them an email for a positive ID. Contact info is at

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