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Pill identification
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    Default Pill identification

    Common Story. Have teenagers. Mom found a pill when cleaning up. Don’t think anything is going on, but??? Maybe previous people in house or friends had it for something???

    Pill can’t be id-ed by local pharmacy, nor California state poison control nor Internet pill id wizard. Fairly non-descript. White pill, about 1 / 4 inch in diameter “pan head” upper and lower surface. 200 stamped in the center of one side, all numbers in-line. On the other side there are two small triangles with the points together, more-or-less like a hour glass.

    Any suggestions? Thanks.

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    On the side of the tablet that has the two triangles lined up like an hour glass, are there any numbers imprinted?

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    Done some more research. I think it could be a Cimetidine 200mg tablet manufactured by Ivax

    Traded Name: Cimetidine
    Generic Name: Cimetidine Tab 200 MG
    NDC 00182266017
    Imprint back: two triangle logo
    Imprint front: 200
    Color: white
    Shape: round

    Drug information available at

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