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Pill Identification
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    Default Pill Identification

    Does anyone know a pill-oval, pink or flesh color,GG 257 with line down back another oval, blue with P445?

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    from previous question:

    "I was wondering about these pills I have. If you go to the identification the pills show GG 257 on the same line but mine has GG over 257. Does anyone know what this is all about. They are saposed to be Xanax. But I dont understand why when I search it it doesnt show the GG over the 257. If anyone could help I would greatley appreciate it. Thanks.

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    Very interesting question!

    I'm sure you have 0.5 mg alprazolam. But I don't know whether it's an old or new imprint.

    I found pictures of both styles - 257 below GG and 257 on the side after GG.

    Check out this website: - GG over 257

    I also found a dated photo - 2002 - with GG over 257 at

    A little history is warranted here. About a year ago Geneva (GG imprints) became Sandoz. So it's possible the imprint styles changed along with the name change. But I think that your pill is the current imprint and that it hasn't changed since 2002."

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    another oval, blue with P445?
    This pill is NAPROXEN SODIUM 220 MG
    Imprint Code P445
    Description light blue, oval tablet
    Info at

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