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pill identification
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    Default pill identification

    My dentist gave me an antibiotic, but it was in a plastic bag with no name. It is a rectangular pill with rounded off ends scored in the middle. On one side it has an E and on the other an 8 on one end and a five on the other. I can't find it on any identification areas.

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    E 85 is Penicillin V Potassium 500 mg

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    Exclamation I was given an Rx by a new pharmacy I never went to before...

    I was given an Rx by my doctor and a pharmacy I have never been to before gave me these round light-blue pills with "224" on one side and a straight line scored on the other side. They are totally different in appearance to the previous 30 mg I would get from the usual pharmacy which was closed. So I bought them anyway as the pharmacist said they are "the same thing just a different generic company makes them. But the seem to have little effect, and sometimes almost no effect and give me a headache.

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