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Pill Identification Please
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    Default Pill Identification Please

    I found this pill in my room, I must have been prescribed it in the past but I can't remember what it actually is.

    Here's the basic information..

    Shape: Round
    Color: White
    Scoring: Un-Scored

    Also on one side, is a bold white arrow like a ^>< or V . On the other side, is the letters ON over top the number 5 , but no scoring.

    Here are a couple of pictures.

    First things that come up with a basic google search seems to point it to an OxyConton type of pill - I know for a fact it's at least not that, and the final additionally detail I have is that I personally BELIEVE it's manufactured by TEVA, if that helps.

    Thanks in advance.
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    Not sure the pill but I do believe that symbol is the Cobalt Laboratories logo, so I don't think it is a Teva.

    Here is a similar pill.

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