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pink, white, yellow pills
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    Default pink, white, yellow pills

    Found pills around house. What pill is around the size of Asprin, pink with a line across the center, and imprinted with 93 above and 9133 below the line? What's white, round and has a line through the center with 5013 above and V below or another with PRO imprinted above and 125 below? What pill is very small coated light orange or yellow with 43 printed in black on one side? What white round tablet has 376 imprinted on one side?

    Thanks, Smeans


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    93 9133 is 200 mg amiodarone, an antiarrhythmic agent.

    More info:

    V 5013 is 60 or 64.8 mg phenobarbital, a sedative/hypnotic. Different milligrams are from two separate sources.

    More info:

    PRO imprinted above and 125 might be 12.5 mg ephedrine, but I don't know. It's something made by ProActive Labs in Georgia. The company did make ephedrine pills (now banned) and currently makes other energy meds plus regular OTC meds.

    small coated light orange or yellow with 43 printed in black on one side - sorry, I have no idea what this is.

    White round tablet with 376 is generic Excedrin.

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