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Please help. Friend took too many.
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    Default Please help. Friend took too many.

    White round scored. one side: PLIVA / 434

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    echo Guest


    This pill is TRAZODONE 100 MG
    Imprint Code PLIVA 434
    Description white, round, scored tablet
    Info at

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    Pliva 434 is
    Trazodone 100mg
    So how much did your friend take? Dr.s say the safe limit of daily use is 400mg.
    Trazodone is as a unique antidepressant with some sedative and anti-anxitey applications. It blocks the reuptake of seritonin in the brain like prozac, but through a differen mechanism and less effictivly. I assume that dangers of overdose would be similir to prozac and other serotonin regulating drugs, but the sedative effects of trazodone may depress breathing as well. Don't take chances w/ drug poison control or get your friend to a hospital if he shows any signs of overdose, including dangerously slow breathing or convulsions/seizures. Mixing w/ any other CNS depressants (including alcohol) greatly increases these risks, as oes mixing w/ other antidepressants.

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