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purple/white capsule 120 mg help please
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    Default purple/white capsule 120 mg help please

    purple/white capsule 120 mg on purple side...reads 508 on white side i can't seem to find a picture of these pills anywhere online and I am curious to know what they are. My friend has a drug problem and I am worried. I saw that they might be morphine sulfate?? Can anyone lead me to a picture of the capsule so that I can be sure? Do you have any information on snorting the pills...side effects? Thank you

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    This pill is AVINZA 120 MG, a long acting Morphine Sulfate preparation.
    These pills are described as blue-violet capsule and white, opaque body imprinted 120 mg and 508.
    You will find this description at

    You will find information on side effects at

    I can't help you with information on snorting these pills (much better at finding information on taking drugs properly )...

    I would imagine snorting the contents of the Avinza pill is very difficult as the the capsules contain specially formulated polymer coated "beads" which give the "long acting" properties (Avinza is designed to last all day). Because 120 mg is such a potent dose of morphine, intentional misuse of these pills (such as crushing the beads) could deliver a toxic dose of morphine, possibly fatal

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