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question about pills
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    Default question about pills

    To anyone who knows,

    I recently found some pills in my sons drawer and they are smallin size and light blue to blue purple with the letter R and number 215 on them and do not know what they are. I also asked him and he will not tell me. I tried to look them up and to no avail I can't find them any where on the web. The only other resort I have is to goto the pharmacy and ask them but if anyone see's this message and could tell me what they are I would be most grateful.

    A Concerned Parent,

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    Look up to the top right and do a "search" for the numbers 215. Here is one I found:

    Posted - 07/16/2004 : 21:53:52

    I think A 215 is 30 mg oxycodone.

    If so, it's made by Amide and was approved by the FDA in February 2004. It is not in the mainstream databases yet (that I have access to) nor on Amide's website.

    But the imprint does match the NDC number and description - and posters' descriptions on other sites. And one poster called and got the ID. I can't confirm the ID since I didn't call.

    More info:

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