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question for member "echo" please respond
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    Default question for member "echo" please respond

    I have noticed that you seem quite knowledgeable and helpful in identifying medications....your member profile has no contact information, but I would like to ask you if you know of a website or book that you use to find this information that perhaps you could tell me about....I have tried all the usual sites and PDR but if there is something else out there please let me know...and thank you for your does say "central" and the "pharmacist" from the site I ordered from replied to me last nite assuring me that it was indeed 1mg alprozolam.....guess there's only one other way to find out....if you don't hear from me again , it's been a pleasure.....otherwise, I will post to add a new generic to the list.[xx(] or

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    Sorry I can not find any reference to a tablet with the imprint "Central" on it. I would strongly recommend that you to not purchase Xanax or any minor tranquilliser or sleeping tablet over the internet. You really need to ask yourself if you can trust anyone with ethics that allows them to supply this type of medication online. These websites are simply selling a commodity for a profit and have no interest in the quality of products they supply. They will be purchasing the cheapest possible foreign generic. There is also a chance that the tablet may be counterfeit and not contain any active ingredient at all.

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    I use and never had any problems. There's many legitimate sites that sell Schedule III(Lortabs) and IV(Xanax) on the web. I have yet to find any legitimate site that sells Schedule II (Oxys and Percocets) online, as this is illegal anyways. It is not illegal to sell a 3 month supply of Schedule III or IV drugs online.

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