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red & light blue capsule w/ white stripe
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    Default red & light blue capsule w/ white stripe

    Please help identify
    Half red & half light blue capsule,has a single white stripe around the center seperating the red from light blue and is imprinted with a 5 on the light blue halve and G on the opposite side of light blue halve

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    Default Did you find out elsewhere?

    my partner is in recovery for alcohol and this morning I found capsules, light blue, red with a white stripe in the center. The blue has the number five on it, and the red has the letter L. I called the National Council on Alcoholism and Other Drug Addictions. We tried different numbers including the American Association of Poison Control and haven't been able to identify them. Since Feb, have you been able to find out what they are elsewhere?

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    The 'capsule' is 500 mg acetaminophen.

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